International Master in Business Administration (IMBA)

Get your official Master attending live online lectures

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  • Limited places available

  • Start: November 2017

Develop your knowledge with an international team of professors from five continents

The IMBA from the International University of La Rioja (UNIR) will train you as a leader in business management and leadership in international environments, with the ability to take strategic decisions in the context of a globalized economy and its markets.

In pursuing the Master’s, you will develop your managerial capabilities for analysing business problems, proposing solutions and implementing them. You will be prepared to lead, to manage change and to be an entrepreneur in an international context.

UNIR is a member of the most influential and important international associations of accreditation in the world:


The IMBA will provide you with a comprehensive vision of business:

  • Official status: An official Master’s degree recognized by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).
  • International markets: You will learn to manage businesses that operate in different international environments and will become familiar with companies’ internalization processes.
  • Managerial and negotiation capabilities: You will acquire the skills needed for decision-making and developing projects, as well as for negotiating and for leading work teams.
  • Digital world: You will develop your knowledge in a digital environment, an important factor in creating new business models in today’s firms and companies.
  • Program: Designed by global business leaders.
  • European experience: You will gain experience in international business, including/with a focus on.
  • Entrepreneurship:You will learn to develop new business projects in different markets.

At UNIR, we adapt to you so that you can get your degree:

  • You will work with the case method for decision-making with cases from companies that operate in different international markets.
  • You will have access to online lectures with prestigious managers.
  • You will be able to attend live online classes or watch them pre-recorded whenever you wish.
  • You will have a personal tutor to answer your questions.
  • You will do professional internships in companies.

*GAD3 Report of 2014

“Live online classes have nothing different from real classes as in real time, you see the teachers and the class mates and discuss as you are in one room. I have learnt so much and this degree prepared me swiftly to get much greater responsibilities in my career”

Yusuf Yaran - Student UNIR´s IMBA from Malaysia

“Now, I feel ready and motivated to succeed in the changing market place.”

Paloma Arenales - Student UNIR´s IMBA from Spain

“I wanted to pursue an online MBA that was recognized internationally, was affordable and which would help me gain practical knowledge which I could use at my workplace. I have bonded with class fellows and faculty from around the world.

Fahim Zuberi - Student UNIR´s IMBA from Pakistan