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    25th october 2018

Study our MBA in English with an international faculty team and complete your training to move up to a higher-level management position

The MBA from the International University of La Rioja (UNIR) will train you as a leader in business management and leadership in international environments, with the ability to take strategic decisions in the context of a globalized economy and its markets. Our MBA is designed so that you:
  • increase self-knowledge;
  • develop leadership skills to manage people more effectively;
  • acquire an extensive and strategic vision based on a company’s current, global and digital context;
  • increase emotional intelligence to better understand the motivations of people and teams;
  • develop the leadership skills required to progress professionally.


An MBA from UNIR will enable you to apply for positions of high responsibility and remuneration. Based on multidisciplinary education, MBAs offer graduates many opportunities. Companies of multiple sectors are interested in recruiting MBA-qualified professionals, especially in the areas of technology, finance and commerce.

“Live online classes have nothing different from real classes as in real time, you see the teachers and the class mates and discuss as you are in one room. I have learnt so much and this degree prepared me swiftly to get much greater responsibilities in my career”

Yusuf Yaran - Student UNIR´s MBA from Malaysia

“Now, I feel ready and motivated to succeed in the changing market place.”

Paloma Arenales - Student UNIR´s MBA from Spain

International MBA professors

Get to know our Faculty & Staff

The MBA staff consists of renowned and ANECA-certified professors with PhDs, and recognised business figures who currently hold positions in prestigious companies.

Our students recommend us

Fahim Zuberi, MBA student

I wanted to pursue an online MBA that was recognized internationally, was affordable and which would help me gain practical knowledge which I could use at my workplace

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Julio Macias, MBA student

I chose to pursue the MBA at UNIR because I had heard good things about the University, the versatility that online studies provide and the master itself.